We manufacture field tile, trim, and many decorative liners via the extrusion process. Our tile body and glaze is extremely durable therefore can be recommended for walls, vanity tops, and light duty floor applications.

All molds are crafted by experienced artisans. Mold making is continual as each has a life span of 750 to 1000 individual presses.

Our hydraulic presses produce hundreds of pieces daily with extreme precision.

Once pressed, It is necessary to finish, clean, and inspect each piece of greenware by hand.

After the greenware is inspected, it is placed into a large dryer which pulls much of the moisture out prior to the first firing. Greenware typically needs to slow dry for up to 15 hours at a very low temperature.

We house a 200 ft. roller hearth kiln which has a firing time of only 90 minutes! Because we inventory all of our products in bisque this particular kiln enables us to ship finished products to our customers within the same day of ordering.

Highly skilled glaze technicians continually develop new colors, finishes, and textures for future collections.

Field tile and trim are glazed via a waterfall process. Relief tile, moldings, and liners are glazed with disc sprayers. Disc sprayers are essential and allow us to apply the exact weight of glaze evenly thus minimizing extreme shade and color variations associated with hand spraying.

We pride ourselves on supplying customers with the finest quality 'high end' decorative tile. Education and proper training are critical in maintaining a high quality control standard.

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